About Us

We have been in business for over fifteen (15) years, with a legacy of pleasing & satisfying our customers from helping you choose a suitable material and style to ensure that your project will be delivered on time and good quality. NOLIMIT TECHNICKS LTD is ready to listen and work with you to develop and design the most suitable option for your practical building needs. Our mission is to develop a long term relationship with our customers. Company's policy is not to compromise with quality but to promote teamwork as well as safety and protection of the environment. CONCEPT When you choose NOLIMIT TECHNICKS LTD, we work with you every step along actualizing your desired specification and finish. The person you will work most closely is our sales consultant. With our knowledge and expertise, our consultant can guide you through the entire project process and familiarize you with all our material, designs and timelines. If your building requires certified design, we provides services to your project with a team of designers and engineers, drafting technicians using advanced computerized design system that helps you plan a functional and efficient space management. No matter what your building needs, our sales team have been selected for their technical experience and industry knowledge, enabling customers to call upon a varied and vast wealth of experience. Working a harmony with our sales teams, we are giving our customers a highly advanced estimate service equipped to deal with any size of project. Our philosophy lives in our everyday commitment, ability to listen and innovative delivery. These are the characteristics that allow us to take sprout from every customer's requests and create a unique finish. Our objective is to operate to the maximum and making efforts to improve our environment. OUR VISION To be number one Company in the Construction Industry, providing high quality materials and Services. OUR MISSION To continuously deliver quality and consistently adding value to all our stakeholders through innovation, professionalism and management skills.